Fall Play

Congratulations to the Dramatic Dingoes for their performances of Emilio Regina's Loonies and Snatchers on the 14th and 15th of October! They worked really hard and put on a hilarious show for their audiences to enjoy!

PHS Drama Club

At Piute High, our Drama Club is always busy and bustling throwing shows together and preparing for competitions. There's never a still moment, and things can get a bit hectic, but when shows come together perfectly at the last moment, all of the struggle is completely worth it. 

Headed by Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Vasquez, the team takes on a very meaningful title. They call themselves The Dramatic Dingoes because while their competitions may not always consist of teamwork, they always travel in a pack and support eachother. The Dramatic Dingoes form a sort of family, always there for eachother, making the memories of a lifetime, and taking home state titles all at the same time!

Competition Categories

Throughout the early spring, the Dramatic Dingoes participate competitive meets where they present their theatrical talent. The team members divide to compete in both region and state competitions in the following categories:

Humorous Monologues - 2-6 minute long, one-person scenes that take on a silly, joking tone. These monologues are meant to make the audience laugh to their heart's content.

Dramatic Monologues - Similar to Humorous Monologues, these are 2-6 minute long, one-person scenes that have a serious, scary, or sorrowful tone. These scenes are meant to to move the audience to tears.

Classical Scenes - 3-6 minute long, two or three person scenes that were published after the year 1900. These scenes can be humorous or dramatic.

Contemporary Scenes - 3-6 minute long, two or three person scenes published before the 20th century. They can be humerous or dramatic.

Pantomime - 3-6 minute silent scenes consisting of 1-2 actors. In these scenes, actors must convey a story without using any words or sounds.

Musical Theatre - 2-6 minute musical scenes that can have anywhere from 1 to 4 actors. These scenes consist of singing and acting and are meant to display the actors' musical talent as well as theatrical.

One-Act Play - A full-cast 45 minute play that the entire team comes together to produce and take to competition. This play is what scores the team the most points and requires the most teamwork and dedication.

2016-2017 Dramatic Dingoes


Morgan spendlove


Baylee Barnson

Cameo Lindgren

Kateland Hively

Kisti Christensen

Kyler Bushman

Virginia Coleman


Emri Roberts

Faith Zuniga

Haley Renegar

Ivy Erickson

Jordee burton

Karissa Anderson


Ashley Leyland

Belle Camp

Charlotte Snyder

Kanyon Lindgren

Suzie Clark

Taylor Harrison